The Historic Silverton Masonic Lodge was built in 1883.  The first floor housed the La Plata Miner & Silverton Standard Newspapers.  The second floor was the residence of the Newspaper’s Owner/Editor and Family.  In 1890, the editor moved to another location in town, and the second floor was occupied by the Silverton Gentleman’s Parlor.  The members of this exclusive club was limited to the owners of various Mines in the area, and also included the famous Otto Mears and other Railroad Barons. In 1902, the building was purchased by the Silverton Masonic Lodge #33.  Then, in 1904, the Masons added the apartments and the upstairs Temple area.  Today, this building is the oldest standing Masonic Lodge in western Colorado.  The architect is classic Western Americana-Victorian.  The Masons offered both short term and long term housing to the miners and their families of the Historic San Juan Mining Region.

Townsfolk outside the Lodge (1895)

Pre Renovation

Before renovations (2012)

In 2013, the Lodge was purchased by the current owner from the Masons, and in 2014 began a complete renovation using great care to preserve as much of the historical architecture as possible.  The Historic Silverton Masonic Lodge is one of the towns most famous and prestigious buildings. The end product is what you see today. Several original elements of the building have been preserved the provide the best "feel" of the era. 95% of the wood is original wood that was salvaged during the renovation process. The Mason's glass sign has also been restored to a new state and still hangs on the corner of the building. All paint, siding, and exterior functions accurate replicate the original era of the Lodge comes from.